The LIFE score includes a combination of variables, as the gut is involved to a variable extent in different diagnostic categories. Table 1 proposes symptoms and signs that can apply across medical and surgical conditions, and which is used for gut assessment.  […]


Description: Acute GI injury (AGI) is malfunctioning of the GI tract in critically ill patients due to their acute illness. In 2012, the Working Group on Abdominal Problems (WGAP) as part of the Perioperative Intensive Care (POIC) section of the […]


A new clinical score for Gastrointestinal Dysfunction Score (GIDS) in critically ill patients developed on the basis of a data-driven, verifiable score that can be used as a stand-alone score or be combined with the SOFA score, wherein GIDS may […]


The GIF score was useful for classifying information on the gastrointestinal system as the very first attempt by Reintam and colleagues in 2008 [1]. The authors proposed a 5-grade scoring system for assessment of gastrointestinal function (the Gastrointestinal Failure [GIF] […]