Stage 1 of the COSMOGI Delphi study involved two questionnaires aimed at identifying the core outcomes that should be measured and reported daily in clinical trials assessing gastrointestinal function in ICU patients. Participants were asked to score the importance of various possible daily outcomes, which were categorized into specific domains of gastrointestinal function. The first questionnaire presented a list of these outcomes and asked for importance scores and suggestions for any additional items to be included in the core set. The second questionnaire showed the same list of outcomes with a summary of scores from the first round, allowing participants to see which items were considered more or less important by others.

Over 250 participants have identified 14 essential outcomes. We are proud to present you the raw data from the process:

OutcomePercentages of votes 7-9 (critical to include)RecommendationGroup
Abdominal Distension86.9%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Bowel Dilatation77.4%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Lower GI Paralysis77.8%EssentialComposite outcome
IAP74.2%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Pain81.3%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Prokinetics71.8%EssentialTreatment outcome
Response to enteral nutrition89.7%EssentialComposite outcome
Stool passage (frequency; aspect; volume) incl. Diarrhoea or Absence of stool85.7%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Gastroparesis83.3%EssentialComposite outcome
Postpyloric feeding due to gastroparesis79.4%EssentialTreatment outcome
Vomiting88.5%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Lower GI Bleeding (Haematochezia or Melaena)82.1%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Upper GI Bleeding (Haematemesis or blood in gastric aspirate)77.4%EssentialClinical sign/symptom
Use of Parenteral Nutrition due to intolerance of EN82.9%EssentialTreatment outcome
Results from COSMOGI Stage 1